How to Use a Fish Knife? | Beginner’s Friendly Guide

Do you like eating fish often like me? We both have similar taste buds. So, you found yourself at a dinner table. Right? Staring at an array of cutlery and wondering what to do with this fancy-looking knife? Well, it can be a fish knife. Don’t worry because here in this blog post I’m going to explain to you How to Use a Fish Knife.

What is a Fish Knife?

In simple words, it is a unique piece of cutlery made for fish dishes. It’s a bit different from your regular knife. As it has a broader, flatter blade and often an elegantly designed handle. Its purpose? To perfectly complement your dining with the fish. Allowing you for a refined and enjoyable table experience.

Why Bother a Fish Knife?

Thinking you can’t just use a regular knife for fish. Well, you can, but why not add more value to your meal by using a product made for this purpose?

The design of the fish knife is to gently separate the tender fish flesh from bones and skin. So that it enhances your dining experience without destroying the texture of the fish.

How to Use a Fish Knife at Dinner?

How to Use a Fish Knife at the Dinner Table

Now, let’s come to the practical skill of using a fish knife. It’s much simpler it might seem if you go with the proper technique! Here’s how:

  1. Proper Grip: If you’re right-handed, hold the fish knife in your right hand, similar to a regular knife. Left-handed? Just switch hands.
  2. Gentle Movements: Fish is delicate, so forget about sawing or heavy cutting. Use gentle, gliding motions with your fish knife to cut the fish.
  3. Teamwork with the Fork: On your other hand, hold a fish fork. Use it to stabilize the fish as you cut with the knife.
  4. Enjoy Your Bite: Cut a piece, then use your fork to bring it to your mouth. Delight in the ease and elegance!

How to Use a Fish Knife and Fork? | Master the Combo

Using these tools is an art. Here are some extra tips to refine your skills:

  1. Dealing with Skin and Bones: The fish knife is perfect for gently lifting away skin and easing out bones.
  2. Relish the Experience: Take your time to enjoy the texture and flavor of the fish.
  3. Practice: The more you use these utensils, the more natural it becomes. Soon, you’ll be using them with stability and confidence.

Etiquette and Technique

Good etiquette is part of the experience. Here are a few etiquette tips:

  • Rest Right: When you’re not using your knife and fork, rest them on your plate. The knife blade should face inward.
  • Don’t skip the conversations: As you enjoy your meal continue talking with your dining companions. Also, keep elbows away from the table and chew with your mouth without making any noise.
  • Be Attentive: Meal times should be enjoyed with good food and company. Stay in the present moment with a light conversation and enjoy it.


How to hold a Fish Knife and Fork together?

Grip the fish knife near the bolster with your thumb and forefinger. Then, curl other fingers around the handle. On the other hand, hold the fish fork similarly as your fingers will be wrapped around its handle. Cut the fish by holding it with the fork and slicing along the spine with the knife.

What are the different types of Fish Knives?

Types include the Deba knife (for larger fish), fillet knife (for removing bones and skin), boning knife (for bone removal), cleaver (for cutting through bones and head of large fish), and oyster knife (for shucking oysters)​​.


There you have it! Now you learned this small skill of how to use a fish knife. So, next time when you’re with your colleagues or mates. Try it and experience the benefits of it. I hope you remember these tips for using a fish knife at the dinner table. Use it with confidence and bring sophistication to your meal. Happy dining!

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