Do you Know? What’s the Sharpest Knife In the World?

Knives are awesome for cutting, but not all are equally sharp. That’s why a good knife must have a sharp blade, especially for chefs who always want to know what’s the sharpest knife.

Nowadays, with many types of knives, knowing which knife is the sharpest in the world right now? Let’s find out today.

Before finding what’s the sharpest knife, I think you need to understand what makes a knife sharp.

What Makes a Knife Sharp?

What Makes a Knife Sharp

A few things decide if a knife is sharp or not: what it’s made of, how it’s shaped, and the smoothness of its edges.

What it’s Made of

Now, let’s discuss the materials used in making knives. Knives come in different materials. 

  1. Steel is a common material used for knives. To make a knife, steel is indispensable, and there are different types available. High-carbon steel, known for its sharpness, requires more care. While stainless steel, tougher in nature, may not keep its edge as effectively.
  2. Ceramic is another material used for knives. It’s super hard and sharp, but it can break easily. People usually use it for making special knives.
  3. Obsidian is the third material used in ancient knives. It can be shaped into a sharp edge, but it breaks easily.

How it’s Shaped?

Moving on, the factors that determine a sharp edge include the angle and smoothness of the main level, the steel that narrows down behind the edge, and the quality of the edge itself. The idea is that if the edge is thinner, more force gets concentrated at that point. That’s why a sharp knife doesn’t need much pushing – the weight of the knife is enough.

So, I prefer a knife with a thin, tall bevel sharpened at a narrow-angle. However, it shouldn’t be so thin that the core steel is overly exposed, as this can make the knife too delicate.

Smoothness of Edges

When you zoom in close, a genuinely sharp edge isn’t just one tiny point. It’s made up of two small slopes meeting at a super fine tip. The knife gets even sharper when this tip is smoother and more precise.

Honing and sharpening do different jobs. Honing realigns the microscopic teeth on the edge without removing any material.

On the flip side, sharpening means you’re removing some metal to give your knife a brand-new cutting edge. Both honing and sharpening play a crucial role in keeping your knife sharp and ready for action.

What’s the Sharpest Knife In the World?

The obsidian knife holds the title of the world’s sharpest knife. Yes! This is the sharpest knife ever made in the history. But, it’s essential to note that it’s not good for the kitchen, the thinness of an obsidian blade makes it sharp in a special way.

That’s why I’m not recommending it for kitchen use.

When these knives break, it’s called a conchoidal fracture, and that makes them different from regular chef’s knives. If you look closely at the steel blade, you’ll see jagged edges instead of straight ones. The way it cracks straight makes it super sharp.

How Sharp are Obsidian Knives?

Obsidian knives have an incredibly sharp edge, 3 nanometers wide—ten times sharper than the sharpest razor blade. This highlights how exceptionally sharp obsidian blades can be.

How Tough is an Obsidian Blade?

No doubt obsidian blade is the sharpest blade, but it can break too. On the hardness scale, it’s around 5 to 5.5, while diamonds are a perfect 10. 

So, obsidian is in the middle. But the thing you need to know is that it might crack or break because it’s made of brittle stuff.


What’s the sharpest knife you can buy?

If you’re looking for the sharpest knife, I’d suggest going for an Obsidian knife.

What’s the sharpest blade?

Which knife is extremely sharp? The Feather blade from Japan is widely regarded as the sharpest blade, by a significant margin.

What’s the sharpest pocket knife?

The best and sharpest pocket knives are

  • SOG Twitch II.
  • Benchmade 533 Mini Bugout.
  • Case XX Marilla Pocket Knife.

Is obsidian sharper than a razor?

Yes, it is! The thinnest obsidian blades are 10 times sharper than a razor blade. They’re just three nanometres wide at the edge. These sharp blades are made by breaking off a long, thin piece from a chunk of obsidian, which is a kind of volcanic glass.

Last Words

At last, I hope you’ve got the answer, What’s the sharpest knife? Keep In mind, that obsidian is not ideal for kitchen tasks due to its fragility. Just be careful when using this thin knife so you don’t accidentally cut yourself. Safety first!

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