Choose From the 6 High-Performance Best Damascus Knife Set

Chef knives are made in different ways, with the Damascus chef knife being one of them. It’s a special kind of blade that’s really tough, sharp, and keeps its edge well. The story of Damascus steel goes way back, it was originally used to make swords that were really good in battles. Nowadays, you might come across a Damascus chef knife when you’re looking for good kitchen knives.

But if you need a Damascus knife set, and you’re not sure which one is best, don’t worry. This guide will show the six best Damascus knife sets, so you can make a smart choice when buying one.

List of the Best Damascus Knife Set

Many people think that a good Japanese Damascus knife set cost a lot of money. But in 2024, there are some excellent mid-range options from brands like Yaxell and Tojiro that offer great value. Whether you’re new to Japanese knives or on a tight budget, Here are the top 6 Japanese Damascus knife set

  1. Yaxell Mon 6-piece Knife Set  — Best Damascus Chef Knife Set
  2. Shun Premier Build-a-Block Set  — Premier Japanese Damascus knife
  3. Enso Knife Set — Best Damascus Knife Set with Block
  4. Tojiro DP 8-piece Slim Knife — Set Best Japanese Damascus Kitchen Knife Set
  5. Tojiro DP Damascus 3-piece Knife Set — Best Damascus Steel Knives Set
  6. Mac Knife Superior Santoku Knife — Best Japanese Damascus Knife Set of 2

1. Yaxell Mon 6-piece Knife Set

Yaxell Mon 6-piece Knife Set

Set Includes:

  • 3.25″ paring knife
  • 4.75″ utility knife
  • 6.5″ santoku knife
  • 8″ chef knife
  • 9″ bread knife
  • Dark Ash storage block

This set combines Japanese tradition with modern innovation, straight from the expert craftsmen in Seki, Japan, who have been perfecting cutlery for almost a century.

Let’s talk style – the MON series knives boast a cool Katana wave design and sturdy micarta handles that not only look sleek but also feel great in your hand.

The blades are made from VG-10 stainless steel, which means they’re super sharp and stay sharp for a long time. Plus, they’ve got this cool sandblasted finish and Katana sword wave pattern that adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

And those handles?

They’re made from micarta, which is a fancy way of saying they’re durable and comfortable to hold. Plus, the end caps not only look cool but also help keep the knives balanced.

All of this quality comes at an affordable price.


At under $300, this set is a steal. I think one thing is missing in this knife set, a storage block with some extra slots for future knife additions.

But wait, there’s more! The MON chef knife is a real MVP in the kitchen, with its versatility and slicing power.

While the Yaxell Mon series continues to gain popularity, there’s hope for more diverse set options in the future to meet consumers’ needs.

2. Shun Premier Build-a-Block Set

Shun Premier Build-a-Block Set

Set Includes:

  • 8″ chef knife
  • 9″ honing steel
  • Bamboo storage block

This set might seem small since it only has a chef knife and a honing rod, but let’s focus on that knife—it’s really good. I’m talking about the Premier Build-A-Block set because it’s a great way to start a Japanese knife collection without spending too much. The Shun Premier knives are known for being lightweight, super sharp, and giving you great value for your money.

The storage block that comes with it has three empty slots, so you can add more knives whenever you want or when you have the cash.

Meanwhile, the handles on the Premier knives are comfortable and look nice too. They’re so easy to use that you don’t need to press hard when cutting. I tested these knives by cutting, slicing, and chopping for hours, and my hands didn’t get tired.

Also, the blades in the Premier series are made with VG-MAX steel covered by 34 layers of tough steel. They stay sharp for a long time and look awesome with their special pattern. That’s why these knives perform so well because their blades are really thin. This makes Shun Premier knives effortless to use, but you need to be a bit careful because they can chip if you use them on really hard stuff.

If you want more options, Shun also sells the Premier series in 5-piece and 7-piece sets.

3. Enso Knife Set

Enso Knife Set

Set Includes:

  • 3.25-inch paring knife
  • 6-inch utility knife
  • 6.5-inch santoku knife
  • 8-inch chef knife
  • 9-inch bread knife
  • Six-slot storage block
  • Pair of stainless steel kitchen shears

The Enso HD 7-Piece Knife Set includes a variety of knives for different kitchen tasks. Yes!

Enso is a well-known Japanese company that has been making knives since 1932. They’re famous for their high-quality, handcrafted knives. The blades in this set are made with 37 layers of stainless steel over a VG10 core. This gives them strength and durability. The knives have a unique hammered finish that adds to their appearance.

What’s interesting about these knives is the handle material. They’re made of canvas micarta, which is very durable and provides a good grip. This material is usually used for survival knives, so it’s quite unusual to find it on kitchen knives. The Enso HD series provides top-notch quality and performance at a lower price than other high-end Japanese knife brands.

As per my experience, the oval-shaped handles of the HD series are more comfortable than the typical D-shaped handles found in Japanese cutlery. The 6.5-inch santoku knife is one of the best knives in this set. It performs really well, even better than some more expensive knives I’ve tried.

4. Tojiro DP 8-piece Slim Knife 

Tojiro DP 8-piece Slim Knife

Set Includes:

  • 8.25-inch Chef’s knife
  • 6.5-inch Nakiri knife
  • 3.5-inch straight paring knife
  • 4-inch paring knife
  • 6-inch utility knife
  • 8.5-inch bread knife
  • pair of kitchen shears
  • storage block made of Acacia wood

The Tojiro DP 8-piece knife set is something special in the world of kitchen tools. There are lots of knife sets out there, but not many can match the quality and performance of this one. What makes these knives stand out is how they blend Japanese and Western styles. The blades are Japanese, but the handles are more like what you’d find on Western knives. This mix has made these knives really popular with both home cooks and professional chefs.

I always have fun using Tojiro knives because they just feel right.

Now, let’s talk about looks. These knives aren’t flashy. They’re all about getting the job done. Tojiro has put a lot of work into making sure these knives perform well. They’re made with a special technique that layers three kinds of steel together, with a tough VG-10 steel core. That means these knives are tough and they stay sharp for a long time.

At under $350, it’s hard to find anything wrong with this set. The only thing is that the storage block doesn’t have any extra slots. But considering how good these knives are, I don’t mind at all. Each knife feels like it belongs in a much more expensive set. The handle on the Tojiro DP paring knife is comfortable, and the blade is really good quality. It’s a great value for the price.

One thing to note is that Tojiro sometimes runs out of these sets. But if you can’t find the whole set, you can always buy the knives one by one. It might take a bit longer, but it can be fun too.

5. Tojiro DP Damascus 3-Piece Knife Set

Tojiro DP Damascus 3-piece Knife Set

Set Includes:

  • 8.25-inch chef’s knife
  • 4-inch paring knife
  • 6-inch utility knife

These three knives are just like the ones in the 8-piece set I talked about earlier, but they have something extra. Yes! These blades are made of 37 layers of different kinds of steel wrapped around a VG-10 steel core. That makes them not only good at cutting but also really nice to look at. They’re easy to slice with too, thanks to their sharp blade angle.

I do wish Tojiro included a storage block with this set, but you can always buy one separately. Even though these DP Damascus knives cost a bit more per knife than the regular ones. They’re still a great deal for Japanese Damascus steel knives. This set is a great way to start your collection of top-notch Japanese knives.

6. Mac Knife Superior Santoku Knife

Mac Knife Superior Santoku Knife

Set Includes:

  • 6.5″ Santoku knife
  • 5″ mini Santoku knife

This set is all about Santoku knives. People really like them these days, and this set gives you two. It’s a good choice if you want to start building up your kitchen knives.

Both knives in this set feel really nice to hold and use. If you’ve been using cheaper knives, you’ll notice a big difference. These knives have blades made of high carbon, which means they stay sharp for a long time.

But you need to wash and dry them by hand right after using them, or they might get rust spots. It’s a bit of extra work, but these knives perform so well, it’s worth it.

The handles on these knives are made of Pakkawood, which feels good and is easy to grip. They’re especially good if your hands get tired or hurt when you’re using cheaper knives.

This MAC Knife set doesn’t come with a storage block, like many Japanese knife sets. But there are lots of storage options out there, like magnetic blocks or regular knife blocks, that’ll work just fine for these knives.

Choosing the Best Damascus Knife Set for You

Damascus knives are known for their beauty, sharpness, and durability. But with so many options on the market, how do you pick the perfect one?

Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

  • Budget: Damascus knife sets can vary significantly in price. Mid-range options (around $300) offer a good balance of quality and affordability.
  • Your Experience: Are you a seasoned chef or a home cook just starting with Japanese knives? A smaller 3-piece set might be ideal for beginners.
  • Knives You Need: Do you want a variety for chopping, slicing, and other tasks, or just a few essentials? Some sets include a wider range of knives like paring, utility, and bread knives.


What’s Special about Damascus Steel?

Damascus steel has a unique wavy pattern, is strong and flexible, and holds its edge well.

Which Oil Should You Use on Damascus Steel Knives?

To keep your Damascus steel knives in good shape for a long time, you should oil them. The best oil for this is Camellia oil, that’s safe for food.

Is Damascus Steel Waterproof?

No, Damascus steel is a bit waterproof but it’s not recommended to leave it in the water. The stuff it’s made from can rust if it gets wet. So don’t leave your Damascus steel knife sitting in the water.

What’s the Difference Between Damascus Steel and Regular Steel?

Damascus steel has a distinctive pattern and is made differently, while normal steel is plain, shiny, and used for various tools.

Final Verdict

All in all, investing in Damascus chef knives is a smart choice for your kitchen. That’s why you need to select the best Damascus knife set. With the knife sets I’ve outlined, you can confidently choose a top-tier knife set suited for chopping, slicing, and mincing with precision. However, If you’re new to cooking with Japanese knives, start with a smaller set like the Tojiro DP Damascus 3-piece set. It has a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a utility knife, which is perfect for most chopping, slicing, and mincing tasks.

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